Compression Therapy

NEOPS is a leading provider of high quality compression products and services. Our dedicated Compression Therapy Specialists and Certified Fitters care for patients at our centers as well as at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and rehabilitation centers throughout the the eastern United States. We measure and fit specialized compression garments which significantly aid in the management of lymphedema and many other vascular disorders.

Compression garments are an effective way to manage lymphedema. They do so by providing a compression gradient which helps reduce fluid and limb size. This gradient encourages lymph fluid to flow toward the trunk, allowing for drainage and limb reduction.

Custom compression garments are made to the exact dimensions of the affected limb. An accurate and consistent gradient compression is provided to the affected limb.

Pneumatic compression consists of a sleeve which is placed over the affected arm or leg. This sleeve is connected to a pump that intermittently inflates the sleeve, putting pressure on the limb. The inflated sleeve gently moves lymph fluid away from the fingers or toes, reducing the swelling in the affected arm or leg.

Our compression specialists and certified fitters are dedicated to helping our patients regain good limb health as quickly and comfortably as possible.

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Compression / Lymphedema patient care services are offered at all of our branches.

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