About Us

New England Orthotic and Prosthetic Systems, LLC (NEOPS) is the premier provider of state-of-the-art orthotic and prosthetic patient care products and services in the eastern United States. The partnership was founded by certified orthotists and prosthetists who were dissatisfied with large impersonal corporations where the constant pressures of consolidation and cost containment can hamper effective patient care. In addition, they did not want local patient care decisions to be affected by administrators in some far away corporate headquarters. These professionals wanted to truly make a difference and established a practice based upon their philosophy and management protocol. That philosophy is reflected in the name of our company — New England Orthotic & Prosthetic Systems.

More than a geographic region, New England represents proud traditional values of quality, integrity, dedication, and value for services rendered. These ideals form the basis for New England Orthotic & Prosthetic Systems’ vision and strategy of “putting quality and integrity first”. This is not a marketing slogan, but a fundamental article of faith which connects us to the boundless opportunities available to an organization dedicated to finding solutions to human needs.

We offer the best of both worlds — the professional management and information systems of a large, highly automated company with the caring, personal service of a family run business. A fundamental component of our organization is that all of our practitioner/managers are partner/owners. This arrangement not only involves our partners more deeply in the company but also gives them a real stake in it. They are deeply involved in and committed to uncompromising levels of achievement. Our success is the result of the collective efforts of management and all employees sharing the decision making process and assuming personal responsibility for the integrity of their work. New England Orthotic & Prosthetic Systems is a model of superior patient care, coupled with exemplary service.


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Mission Statement of NEOPS

Our greatest reward is seeing the difference we make in the lives of others; to provide quality orthotic and prosthetic patient care services in a timely and cost effective manner by highly competent and motivated professionals; to create a comfortable environment for our patients, their family, friends, and caregivers; to recognize and respect the unique aspect of each human spirit and to respond in an interactive and collaborative manner, and to treat all our patients, doctors, professional associates, and employees in the highest ethical manner with respect, courtesy, dignity, and compassion.

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