New Haven

New Haven, CT Office

33 Sylvan Avenue
New Haven CT, 06519

P: (203) 891-7402
F: (475) 441-7745

Partner/Manager: Brian Cota, CPO

Staff Orthotist/Prosthetist: Sarah Stemmler, CPO

Staff Orthotist/Prosthetist: Jessica Herr, CO

Staff Orthotist/Prosthetist: Joseph Cassella, CO

Staff Orthotist/Prosthetist: Peter Mace, CP

Staff Orthotist/Prosthetist: Samantha Artz, COF/Compression Specialist

Staff Orthotist/Prosthetist: Dina Elgowainy

Staff Orthotist/Prosthetist: Joanna D’Augustine

Compression/Orthotic Fitter: Jerry Sooklall, Fitter

Compression/Orthotic Fitter: Raymond Beaulac, Fitter

Compression/Orthotic Fitter: Kathleen Dillon, Fitter

Compression/Orthotic Fitter: Mary-Kate Nowobiliski, Fitter

Compression/Orthotic Fitter: Kaili Floyd, Fitter

Our New Haven facility is conveniently located near Yale New Haven Hospital. It is accessible via public transportation. Top of the line products along with our state-of-the-art equipment make the Branford office a premier facility. The New Haven office features in-house fabrication for fast and accurate fittings. It has a pediatric room designed to meet the special needs of children. The facility also has an elevated walking platform in a gait training room inclusive of mirrors and video camera for in-depth gait analysis.